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Zero-Click Hacks Use Is Increasing

    “Zero-Click” hacks are growing in popularity and there’s practically no way to stop them. As a journalist working for the Arab news network Alaraby, Rania Dridi said she’s taken precautions to avoid being targeted by hackers, keeping an eye out for suspicious messages and avoiding clicking on links or opening… Read More »Zero-Click Hacks Use Is Increasing

    You Should Cover Your Webcam

      It’s more important than ever to cover your webcam when you’re not using it because we’ve all started using our webcams a lot more often with virtual meetings and remote learning. Unless you’re using a desktop computer and haven’t hooked up an external webcam, there’s a good chance you are… Read More »You Should Cover Your Webcam

      New Amazon Email Phishing Scam

        Scammers are getting very good at creating realistic looking Amazon phishing emails. Some of these phishing emails are even getting past Gmail’s spam filters. Although most of us have been trained to spot suspicious email messages, some look like they could be from companies like Amazon. Scammers posing as companies… Read More »New Amazon Email Phishing Scam

        What Is Zoombombing?

          “Zoombombing” is when an uninvited person joins a Zoom meeting. This is usually done in an attempt to gain a few cheap laughs at the expense of the participants. Zoombombers often hurl racial slurs or profanity, or share pornography and other offensive imagery. This issue isn’t necessarily a security flaw.… Read More »What Is Zoombombing?

          What is Malware?

            Malware, or malicious software, is computer code designed to disrupt, disable or take control of your computer system. It comes in many forms, usually hidden in another file or disguised as a harmless app. It works by taking advantage of technical flows or vulnerabilities in your hardware OS and software.… Read More »What is Malware?

            Active Virus Called CryptoWall 3.0

              There is a relatively active virus on the loose called CryptoWall 3.0. People experienced problems with this virus in recent days. The virus attacks .jpg, Office and other files and encrypts them so they’re unable to be opened. Unfortunately, the virus is also considered “ransomware” which means the author attempts… Read More »Active Virus Called CryptoWall 3.0

              Virus And Spyware Removal

                With over 10,000 brand-new viruses reported per week, who wouldn’t like the piece of mind that their data is safe? Some viruses, such as trojans, can open up a back door entrance into your computer, enabling the bad guys to take over your system. From there they can steal your… Read More »Virus And Spyware Removal

                McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus

                  McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus stops all kinds of viruses and protects against malware. hidden rootkits. You remove detected threats at the push of a button and McAfee Ultimate Protection detects unknown viruses by their profiles. McAfee Ultimate Protection reliably protects your computer against all viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, malware,… Read More »McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus

                  Professional Website Design

                    I am dedicated to website design for small businesses at an affordable price. Most people and small companies don’t have a big budget for their website, but want something good to show to their customers. Today, most people do not use the phone book when the world wide web is… Read More »Professional Website Design

                    Laser Printer Maintenance

                      Place your printer where there is good air flow around it, out of strong light, particularly direct sunlight, and away from other major office equipment. Strong light, especially sunlight, can have two effects. It can increase the operating temperature to the detriment of your printer. Remember that toner is being… Read More »Laser Printer Maintenance

                      Wireless Network Security

                        Wireless computers and routers use radio waves to communicate. Those waves are strong enough to carry outside your house. hackers already know this. They’ll drive through neighborhoods searching for stray signals and try access your network and borrow your Internet connection. Hackers search for networks that use the default factory… Read More »Wireless Network Security

                        Protect Yourself From Hackers

                          Your PC has many “ports” which are vulnerable to attack from a hacker. These ports are used to communicate internally with your monitor or printer or externally to the internet. For example, Port 25 is used for receiving incoming email and Port 80 is used to connect to the internet.… Read More »Protect Yourself From Hackers

                          Computer Spyware Defined

                            Spyware is defined as any program that secretly gathers information about you (or your computer use) through your Internet connection. Once installed, spyware programs monitor your activity on the Internet and give this information to interested parties, such as marketing firms. Spyware can also cause problems with your computer’s performance.… Read More »Computer Spyware Defined

                            How Computer Viruses Spread

                              For a virus or similar program to have any great impact it needs to be able to spread from one computer to another. They are specifically designed to get access to parts of your computer system that allow for communication with other machines. Below is a discussion of some of… Read More »How Computer Viruses Spread