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Two New Scams Circulating On Facebook

    The first is a scam that promises to give you a free iPhone 6. Yes, it sounds too good to be true and it is.

    facebookThe scam first shows up as a shared post. Users who click it are taken to a Facebook fan page where they are asked two do three things. The first is to “like” the page and the second is to share the page with your friends so they can enter the contest too. Sharing the page spreads the scam to your friends.

    Then to get your free iPhone, you’re taken to a different website, and that’s where the real trouble begins. That external site tells you to fill out a quick survey to get your free iPhone, but if you fill it out, you instead sign yourself up for services you likely don’t want.

    “Some of the available surveys want you to provide your mobile phone number, ostensibly to go in the draw for extra prizes or offers. But by submitting your number, you will actually be subscribing to a very expensive text-messaging “service” that will charge you several dollars every time it sends you a message,” reports

    The scam also takes your name, address and other personal information which it then sells to third-party marketers to send you junk mail and annoying phone calls.

    SCAM TWO: This is a video you don’t want to watch

    The second scam involves a fake video that’s being shared across Facebook titled “Girl killed by husband just because she kissed another man.”

    The video seems to show an Asian woman about to get her head chopped off with a sword, and it looks like tons of people have already liked and shared the video.

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