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Stop Neighbors From Using Your WiFi

    Change Your Wi-Fi Password

    stop neighbors from using your WiFiStop neighbors from using your WiFi from the time they visited and you provided them your password or the guest network password. If they continue using your internet when they’re not visiting it’s time to change your Wi-Fi password by logging in to your router’s configuration settings. Look for “Wi-Fi Setup” and you’ll see a space to input a new password. Choose a secure password and apply the changes. When the router comes back online you’ll need to enter this new password into the computers and devices that connect with this Wi-Fi. This includes smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TV sets and smart home devices.

    Turn Off Open Wi-Fi Access

    If you’re running an open Wi-Fi access point that allows people to connect without a password it’s time to disable the open network. If someone using your internet connection does something illegal online, it could get you in hot water or compromise your data security.

    Use a Modern Encryption Standard

    Older Wi-Fi encryption methods such as WEP, WPA1, and WPA2-TKIP are considered insecure. WEP in particular is easy to hack by brute force. AceComputerGuy recommends using WPA2-Personal or if available WPA3-Personal. To fix this, you’ll need to log in to your router’s configuration settings and enable WPA2 Personal or WPA3 Personal and a seT a connection password. After configuring a strong Wi-Fi password, don’t give it to your neighbors. You will have to enter it on all the devices you want to connect.

    Using good, modern encryption will keep out nearby hackers and prevent possible eavesdropping on your internet activities by neighbors. Also, disable WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), which is also insecure and might provide a point of entry for a hacking-savvy neighbor. If your router doesn’t support newer encryption methods, it’s definitely time to upgrade your router.

    Disable Your Router’s Guest Account

    Many Wi-Fi routers support guest accounts that use an different password. If a neighbor is stealing Wi-Fi through a guest account you’ll have to log into your router’s configuration and disable it. Even if your neighbors aren’t using a guest account for access, you should probably disable your guest account if you never use it.

    Stop Malware form Infecting Your Network

    Stopping malware starts with installing Malwarebytes on your computers. Malwarebytes protects you against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats that have made traditional antivirus obsolete and ineffective