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Windows Is Less Vulnerable To Viruses Without Admin Rights

    computer securityDoing your work as a standard user on Windows operating system is the safest way to use your computer. When I need to perform an administrative task, I switch to my “admin account”, complete the task, then log off. I don’t surf the internet or download stuff with my admin account because Microsoft Windows is less vulnerable to viruses without admin rights. After setting up a new computer, I don’t need administrative rights that often. This article provides evidence that bears repeating.

    Taking away the administrative rights from Microsoft Windows 7 users will lessen the risk posed by 90 percent of the critical Windows 7 vulnerabilities reported to date and 100 percent of the Microsoft Office vulnerabilities reported last year.

    It will also mitigate the risk of 94 percent of vulnerabilities reported in all versions of Internet Explorer in 2009 and 100 percent of the vulnerabilities reported in Internet Explorer 8 during the same time period.

    Finally, it will reduce the danger posed by 64 percent of all Microsoft vulnerabilities reported last year.

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