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Windows Custom Settings Is A Fake Anti-Virus Program

    Windows Custom SettingsI am going to be as concise as possible. Windows Custom Settings is a fake anti-virus program with the only purpose of its existence is to scare you by displaying nonexistent security threats and convince you pay for the imaginary services it offers.

    How do you know you’ve been attacked by it? Well, if you start noticing annoying pop-ups, occasional system crashes, slow system performance, unexpected loading of web pages or blocking exe files from running, then you may infected.

    Here’s a word of advice – don’t take seriously any of the alerts or scan results it shows you because none of them are true. And what you should do is stay away from this application, and in case this advice comes a bit too late, then get rid of this bogus anti-virus program as soon as possible.

    Use the best anti virus software available. I recommend McAfee Ultimate Protection.