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Windows Diagnostic Is Another Worthless Malware Program

    Windows DiagnosticAnother serious threat for your computer system has been detected lately under the name of Windows Diagnostic. 

    Rogueware programs are developed to confuse victims and make them pay for some application that is, in fact, totally useless. Similarly, Windows Diagnostic uses a Trojan to mislead you into thinking your PC is in the danger of a terrible system crash.

    However, no matter how real all these warnings seem to be, they are nothing but a hacker attack. In order to seem even more real and accurate, Windows Diagnostic will act as if it scans your computer but it will just try to delude you, using false reports. Do not believe in any of these messages even if the program pretends to use some fake defragmentation tool. 

    To sum it up, these malicious attempts to fix any system problems are aimed only at deceiving you into purchasing this ineffective program. There is no need to buy this rouge application at all.

    AceComputerGuy recommends McAfee Ultimate Protection