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You Should Cover Your Webcam

    It’s more important than ever to cover your webcam when you’re not using it because we’ve all started using our webcams a lot more often with virtual meetings and remote learning. Unless you’re using a desktop computer and haven’t hooked up an external webcam, there’s a good chance you are… Read More »You Should Cover Your Webcam

    Active Virus Called CryptoWall 3.0

      There is a relatively active virus on the loose called CryptoWall 3.0. People experienced problems with this virus in recent days. The virus attacks .jpg, Office and other files and encrypts them so they’re unable to be opened. Unfortunately, the virus is also considered “ransomware” which means the author attempts… Read More »Active Virus Called CryptoWall 3.0

      Computer Spyware Defined

        Spyware is defined as any program that secretly gathers information about you (or your computer use) through your Internet connection. Once installed, spyware programs monitor your activity on the Internet and give this information to interested parties, such as marketing firms. Spyware can also cause problems with your computer’s performance.… Read More »Computer Spyware Defined