Virus And Spyware Removal

virusWith over 10,000 brand-new viruses reported per week, who wouldn’t like the piece of mind that their data is safe? Some viruses, such as trojans, can open up a back door entrance into your computer, enabling the bad guys to take over your system. From there they can steal your data, or use your computer as part of a “bot-net” to attack more powerful systems.

Other viruses, called scareware, will deceive you into believing that your computer system is seriously infected. Once you pay the “anti-virus” maker, they now have your charge card information to do with as they want. At Ace Computer Guy, our objective is to keep your computer free of threats and ensure the security of your data.

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Computer and Laptop Technician In Lockport, IL

lockport il computer techAce Computer Guy, a Lockport IL computer tech can repair a malfunctioning computer or laptop. Computer repair services includes software / hardware installation and virus / spyware removal. Computers and laptops consist of many parts which include hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, laptop screens, keyboards and AC power jacks. All these parts are replaceable. Except for fatal hard drives failures or malicious ransomeware hard drive encryption, I can recover your data when the operating system crashes.

Ace Computer Guy computer repair provides both hardware replacement and software installation. It is always advisable to call an experienced and reputable computer repair service provider to get the best of services. Ace Computer Guy is diligent and will solve any sort of technical problems. I specialize in delivering honest, affordable solutions for your computer technology with virus and spyware removal, operating system installation, network support, service contracts, computer and laptop hardware repair, printer installation, wireless router configuration and related technology consulting services.

Lockport Il computer repair

Windows Necessary Firewall Is Rouge Program

Windows Necessary FirewallWindows Necessary Firewall is just another virus developed only to make your computer vulnerable and leave it exposed to all the existing threats. As proof of that, it can be noted that this fake anti-spyware is associated with the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection.

If you ever have the misfortune to encounter this anti-spyware application and see its alerts or fake scan reports on the screen, just ignore them. This rogueware is nothing but a scam and the only reason it displays these warnings, is to charge you for useless software. 

When choosing a program to ensure the security of your system, you have to distinguish between a legitimate and secure anti-spyware program and malicious programs.

Remove rouge programs from your computer using Avira Aniivirus Software

Windows Custom Settings Is A Fake Anti-Virus Program

Windows Custom SettingsI am going to be as concise as possible. Windows Custom Settings is a fake anti-virus program with the only purpose of its existence is to scare you by displaying nonexistent security threats and convince you pay for the imaginary services it offers.

How do you know you’ve been attacked by it? Well, if you start noticing annoying pop-ups, occasional system crashes, slow system performance, unexpected loading of web pages or blocking exe files from running, then you may infected.

Here’s a word of advice – don’t take seriously any of the alerts or scan results it shows you because none of them are true. And what you should do is stay away from this application, and in case this advice comes a bit too late, then get rid of this bogus anti-virus program as soon as possible.

Use the best anti virus software available. I recommend Avira antivirus software.

Windows Troubles Solver Is Another Rouge Anti-Malware Program

Windows Troubles SolverThis post begins with a the deceptive name of the main character – Windows Troubles Solver. This is another new rogue anti-malware program. Windows Troubles Solver is very similar to the other fake security programs, distributed by the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojan. It most commonly gets into a user’s PC when you enter malicious web pages or free online scanners. You will most probably notice its presence when your computers starts working very slowly and will not be able to load a web page. This rogue launches itself automatically by showing you fake security warnings and then it starts scanning your computer.

It is so arrogant that it will not even let you stop this process. After it is done scanning, it will display the staggering results, stating that your system has been assailed by an ‘Unknown Win32/Trojan’ infection. The primary objective of this rather convincing show is to make you believe that you need to acquire the extended version of Windows Troubles Solver, which can help you remove all the imaginary infections and threats.

In the end, the most important thing you need to know is that you must not believe Windows Troubles Solver simply because it is useless. So what you should do is get rid of it as soon as possible.

For the best antivirus software, use Avira Aniivirus Software

Windows Stability Center Is Rogue Anti-Spyware Software

Windows Stability CenterTrustworthy, as it may appear to you, this program is just another rogue anti-spyware software, developed by the cyber criminals. In many ways, this program and any other intruder application are strikingly similar. Windows Stability Center is developed in such a way that it finds some vulnerability in the PC system and takes advantage of it. The fake software will produce hundreds of false alerts for serious infections.

However, these are just empty threats, intended to scare you and make you believe in some danger that does not exist. Neither the warnings of a Trojan, found on your machine, nor some of the other frightening scan messages, are valid. The one and only plan of rogueware programs, is to confuse potential victims and prompt them to pay for a “real” anti-spyware software that is just a fake one.

There is no escaping the fact that Windows Stability Center has not been developed to ensure the safety of your PC at all. On the contrary – buying this application will be only a waste of money and will, in fact, allow the intruder to accomplish its mission.

Ace Computer Guy in Lockport, IL recommends Avira antivirus software

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

hackerIdentity theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your personal information is stolen and used without your knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity theft can cost you time, money and ruin your good name.

Deter identity theft by safeguarding your information.

  • Shred financial documents and paperwork with personal information before you discard them.
  • Protect your Social Security number. Don’t carry your Social Security card with you or write your Social Security number on a check. give it out only if absolutely necessary or ask to use another identifier.
  • Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through the mail, or over the Internet unless you know who you are dealing with.
  • Never click on links sent in unsolicited emails: instead, type in a web address you know. use firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software to protect your home computer. Be sure to keep the software up-to-date.
  • Don’t use an obvious password like your birth date, your mothers maiden name, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Keep your personal information in a secure place at home, especially if you have roommates, employ outside help, or are having work done in your home.

Detect suspicious activity by routinely monitoring your financial accounts and billing statements. Be alert to signs that require immediate attention:

  • Bills that do not arrive as expected
  • Unexpected credit cards or account statements
  • Denials of credit for no apparent reason
  • Calls or letters about purchases you did not make

Inspect your credit report.

  • Credit reports contain information about you, including what accounts you have and your bill paying history. The law requires the major nationwide consumer reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, to give you a free copy of your credit report each year if you ask for it. Visit Annual Credit Report a service created by these companies, to order your free credit reports each year.
  • Review financial accounts and billing statements regularly looking for charges you did not make.

Defend against ID theft as soon as you suspect it. Place a “Fraud Alert” on your credit reports and review the reports carefully. The three nationwide consumer reporting companies have toll-free numbers for placing an initial 90-day fraud alert. A call to one company is sufficient.

  • Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
  • Experian: 1-888-397-3742
  • TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

Close any accounts that have been tampered with or established fraudulently. File a report of criminal identity theft with law enforcement officials to help you with creditors who may want proof of the crime.

Remove Contraviro Malware From Your Computer

Contraviro MalwareContraviro is a rouge program created to make you believe your computer is infected with malware and viruses. This rogue anti-spyware program is from the same family as Unvirex. Contraviro usually installs itself onto your PC without your permission and will be configured to start automatically when you log into Windows. Contraviro will display fake system alerts or fake security alerts to trick you to buy the paid version of Contraviro. This is an old trick from the creators of spyware. Contraviro causes your computer to slow down dramatically. Your privacy and data are at risk if it’s not immediately removed.

If you’re not already protected, look for reputable award-winning software such as Avira Antivirus Software

Contact Ace Computer Guy in Lockport, IL to have your PC or Laptop repaired

Computer Spyware Defined

Computer SpywareSpyware is defined as any program that secretly gathers information about you (or your computer use) through your Internet connection. Once installed, spyware programs monitor your activity on the Internet and give this information to interested parties, such as marketing firms. Spyware can also cause problems with your computer’s performance. A computer infected with spyware may slow to a crawl or even a complete halt, unable to perform the simplest of functions.

Spyware can come in many different forms:


Adware displays pop-up advertisements whenever an associated program is running. Let’s say, for example, that you download and install a free program. If the program came with adware embedded within the software, every time you use that program, you could see pop-up windows. As well as producing unwelcome pop-up windows, adware may also be tracking other information about you such as Web browsing habits, user names, passwords, and more.

System Monitors

These malicious programs are particularly dangerous, and can record almost everything you do on your computer, including email messages, chat room conversations, Web sites visited, and programs you run. They can even keep track of each individual key you press, which can help thieves snare your passwords and allow them to steal personal and financial information.

Trojan Horses

Trojan horses are malicious programs that pretend to be harmless or desirable. Their purpose is to steal or damage your computer data. Some Trojan horses allow an attacker to gain unrestricted access to your computer whenever you are online.

It is important to remember that not all programs that sound like spyware are harmful. Many are legitimate that help your Internet surfing by allowing a web site to keep track of the needs of its customers. Additionally, browser “cookies” can store personalized information for Web sites that you use frequently. The myYahoo start page is a good example of one such site. You can sign in to your myYahoo page, personalize the content, and your browser will store these settings in a “cookie” for the next time you visit the page.

A majority of spyware comes in through downloading software off the Internet. It’s always a good idea to take extra care to read the information that comes with the program before you download so that you can ensure that you know exactly what you are downloading. This information will often be included in the Terms and Conditions you need to accept before the program can install onto your system.

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