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anti virus software

McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus

    McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus stops all kinds of viruses and protects against malware. hidden rootkits. You remove detected threats at the push of a button and McAfee Ultimate Protection detects unknown viruses by their profiles. McAfee Ultimate Protection reliably protects your computer against all viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, malware,… Read More »McAfee Ultimate Protection Antivirus

    Protect Yourself From Hackers

      Your PC has many “ports” which are vulnerable to attack from a hacker. These ports are used to communicate internally with your monitor or printer or externally to the internet. For example, Port 25 is used for receiving incoming email and Port 80 is used to connect to the internet.… Read More »Protect Yourself From Hackers

      How Computer Viruses Spread

        For a virus or similar program to have any great impact it needs to be able to spread from one computer to another. They are specifically designed to get access to parts of your computer system that allow for communication with other machines. Below is a discussion of some of… Read More »How Computer Viruses Spread